LW Mountain: Agave
LW Mountain: Agave

LW Mountain: Agave

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Wire brushing opens the grain by removing the soft springwood, leaving the harder summerwood with some slightly sunken knots. Before sand- ing, wire brushing gives the flooring rich texture that accentuates the grain and gives the floor a distinct look. After hand sanding planks are left relatively smooth but with intriguing textures.

  • Engineered Multi-Ply Hardwood

  • 1/2" Thick

  • 9-Coat Processed with Aluminum Oxide

  • 2mm Genuine Hardwood Wear Layer

  • Four Sided Micro-Bevel

  • Installation can be Floated, Stapled or Glued

  • 76” Length Boards

  • 50 Year Manufacturer's Warranty

  • Species: Oak

  • Texture: Brushed

  • Width: 7 1/2”